The First SurveyLA Reports are Available Online!

By David J. Barboza

The title page of the SurveyLA Field Survey Results Master Report, now available online.

SurveyLA has just hit an exciting milestone. For the first time ever, SurveyLA reports are available online for public viewing and downloading. To see them please visit the Survey Findings portion of our main website. You have to have Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free) or similar software to view the reports, which are in pdf format.

So far, what we have available is the SurveyLA “Field Survey Results Master Report,” and the Historic Resources Survey Reports for the South Los Angeles and Southeast Los Angeles Community Plan Areas (CPAs), which were both surveyed as part of Phase 1. Back in February, this blog covered a draft version of the Southeast LA CPA report, and now the final version is online. The Master Report gives an overview of SurveyLA and its methodology including the criteria used for evaluating historic resources. This report can be thought of as part of the reports for each Community Plan Area, but in the interest of keeping each report as readable as possible, we decided to include it as a separate file.

A listing from the South LA Historic Resources Survey Report’s Appendix A on individual resources, now available online.

The Historic Resource Survey Reports are each divided into five parts. First is the main report narrative, which gives an abridged description of SurveyLA, describes the relevant CPA and then summarizes the most interesting findings. The first three attachments for each report are appendices. They are basically tables that detail “individual resources,” “non-parcel resources,” and “historic districts.” Each listing in the tables includes a photograph, how the place fits into our Historic Context Statement, architectural style (if relevant), and a brief description of why the survey team took recorded it. Looking through these tables is a great way to learn about architectural styles, because you can compare the name of the style with the photo. The last attachment is a highly detailed map of the survey area, which gives a visual overview of the results.

There is quite a bit of information available already, but this is just the beginning. SurveyLA is an ongoing project, and there are 35 CPAs in the City of Los Angeles, many of which we have not begun to survey yet. The online Survey Findings will continue to grow, and we’ll let you know when new reports are available. In the meantime, we’re still seeking your historic place suggestions!


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