Jefferson Park and Leimert Park

After Arlington Heights I headed just south of the 10 to see Katie Wollan and Sian Winship, also with Architectural Resource Group (ARG), as they worked on the survey there in the Jefferson Park and Leimert Park neighborhoods. Sadly, they have been packing their own lunches and so they did not have recommendations on food in the area. I spotted a BBQ joint and another place offering pastrami sandwiches that both looked like they might be pretty good, though. Next time.

Sian Winship looks at the "West Adams - Baldwin Hills - Leimert Park - Jefferson Park Field Map"

Sian Winship and Katie Wollan in the field, entering data into the tablet while cruising through Leimert Park

Tablet computer running the SurveyLA FiGGS software

The Jefferson Park Neighborhood has about 25,000 people total, just about the same as Arlington Heights, but the population density is a lot lower with only about 16,000 people per square mile (although that’s still pretty high for Los Angeles in general). Leimert Park, on the other hand, only has about 12,000 people total, and a population density of 9,880 people per square mile—just about average for Los Angeles.

As with Arlington Heights, the major factor in the development of these areas was the expansion of streetcar lines in the 1920s and 1930s; in particular, a major line ran down Crenshaw Boulevard and intersected another major line along 54th Street, just south of Leimert Park. Both these neighborhoods are just to the east of Crenshaw Boulevard.

Pretty houses, beautiful sunshine - just another day in the field in Leimert Park


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