SurveyLA historic resources surveys have started!

The OHR has now started SurveyLA historic resources surveys in Hollywood, Sunland-Tujunga, and West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert!

A note about mapping the neighborhoods for the Survey:

SurveyLA’s survey areas are based on the City’s Community Plan Areas. You can see information on these CPAs at the Department of City Planning website. (Click on the “New Community Plans” tab on the left.)

Whenever a neighborhood is referred to for SurveyLA, it is actually the corresponding CPA that designates the actual boundaries of that neighborhood for the purposes of the survey.

In addition, however, this blog will sometimes reference the “Mapping L.A.” project from the L.A. Times. The Mapping L.A. website does NOT always define the boundaries of the neighborhoods in the same way as the Community Plan Program. The Mapping L.A. project does provide excellent statistical information on each neighborhood and a user-friendly map, which is why it is used here, but be aware that there might be some discrepancies with the City’s official maps.


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